Integrating Langtrace with Honeycomb: A Quick Guide

Jay Thakrar

Jay Thakrar

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Honeycomb and Langtrace collaboration

Understanding how an LLM behaves within an application is paramount, particularly given the nondeterministic outcomes of LLMs. As a result, observability into an LLM stack is mandatory. Today, we’re excited to announce that Langtrace can easily be integrated into Honeycomb, a leading observability platform for understanding and troubleshooting complex systems. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to integrate Langtrace with Honeycomb.



  • You will need a Honeycomb account with a valid API key
    • Note: the Honeycomb API key should have the necessary permissions to create datasets and ingest traces


  • Install the Honeycomb OpenTelemetry Python distribution package
  • Install the Langtrace Python SDK and initialize the SDK in your terminal
    • Note: don’t forget to input your Honeycomb API key into your app configuration - this will direct the traces from Langtrace to your Honeycomb dashboard.
  • Start visualizing high cardinality traces on Honeycomb; it’s that simple!

Additional resources:

  1. For a detailed walk-through on how to integrate Langtrace into Honeycomb, be sure to check out Langtrace’s documentation
  2. Honeycomb website:
  3. Langtrace website:
  4. Langtrace SDK:

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