Integrating ChromaDB with Langtrace

Yemi Adejumobi

Yemi Adejumobi

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image showing chromadb integration with langtrace

We're thrilled to announce Langtrace's integration with ChromaDB, the cutting-edge AI-native open-source embedding database designed for large-scale AI applications. This integration brings together the best of both worlds – the real-time observability and debugging capabilities of Langtrace, combined with the scalability and efficiency of ChromaDB's vector embeddings.

Why ChromaDB for AI Development?

Large language models (LLMs) like GPT, Claude, and others are trained on vast datasets, making them powerful general-purpose tools. However, to tackle specific domains or use cases, developers often need to augment these LLMs with private, context-specific data sources. This is where retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) tools like ChromaDB become invaluable.

ChromaDB is an AI-native open-source embedding database, making it a pragmatic and efficient way of working with LLMs. It allows you to enhance the quality of responses by injecting domain-specific context and data from your own embeddings. ChromaDB is already a much-used technique in Langtrace users' projects, and we're excited to now natively support its most popular framework.

Langtrace is an open-source observability platform built on OpenTelemetry, the widely adopted open standard for observability. Our integration with ChromaDB is also built on top of OpenTelemetry, ensuring seamless compatibility and extensibility. By choosing Langtrace and ChromaDB, you're not only supporting open-source innovation but also future-proofing your AI development stack.

With this integration, you can now trace and visualize your ChromaDB-based retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications in real-time. Gain deeper insights into your application's performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize for speed and efficiency – all while leveraging the power of ChromaDB's vector embeddings.


Get Started Today

Integrating Langtrace with ChromaDB is straightforward. Simply

  • Install the Langtrace Python or TypeScript SDKs,
  • Initialize Langtrace
  • Start tracing your ChromaDB-based application.

Check out the demo video below or our examples repository for a hands-on guide and sample code.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this ChromaDB and Langtrace integration! Join our community on Discord to share your experiences, insights, and ideas as we continue to build in this fast-growing ecosystem. Your feedback will help shape the future of this integration. We're excited to innovate alongside you!

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